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There was a time when The Lyric Theater was the driving force to Blue Island’s bustling entertainment center.


For decades the 12,000 square foot theater typically offered mainstream Hollywood films to families, which created lifelong memories for moviegoers. That hasn’t happened in a long time.


For much of the 21st Century, The Lyric sat dormant, unable to attract the investment to once again become the vibrant showpiece of Blue Island’s uptown business district.


Thanks to the vision and investment of two longtime Blue Island families, the Garetto's and Cantelo's, The Lyric Theater has been reborn and reinvented.


For both families, bringing the theater back to life is personal. 

Back in 1948, a young girl by the name of Janet Fisher, a ticket-taker at The Lyric, met her future husband, Angelo Garetto, an aspiring musician who went on to start Beggars Pizza.


They married and had six children, many who still call Blue Island home. 

So bringing The Lyric back to life tugs at the heartstrings of the Garetto and Cantelo families.


The Lyric opened in 1917 adjacent to the Grand Opera House in Blue Island’s entertainment center.


The first talking picture show was “The Terror” on April 1, 1929.


A fire on Feb. 14, 1960, during a matinee showing of the movie “Cash McCall,” starring Hollywood icons James Garner and Natalie Wood, destroyed the theater. Fortunately, everyone was able to escape the blaze uninjured.


Like a championship boxer, the theater has proved resilient. It reopened once again before finally closing in the late-1980s. Other business attempted to breath new life into the theater. For the most part, however, the The Lyric has remained silent for much of the 21st Century.


No more.


Nearly every inch of the theater has been renovated, offering a modern but intimate experience for visitors of all ages. 


There's a magnificent 29-foot wide, 17-foot tall screen, along with state-of-the-art audio and visual features. 


A concession stand will provide all the goodies families have grown accustomed to while watching a movie, along with delicious Beggars Pizza.

For men and women who want to enjoy an adult beverage during the show, The Lyric offers a full bar featuring craft beers and cocktails.


Moviegoers have a choice of seating in luxurious booths or comfortable chairs and bar stools. 

There are also two private suites on the upper level for folks who need a space to accommodate large groups. 


The Lyric offers a movie-going experience like no other.

However, the theater isn’t just about celebrating Hollywood. It will also welcome live local and national touring artists to its massive stage. From rock to punk rock to jazz and funk and so much more, eclectic sounds bounce off The Lyric’s aesthetically soothing walls and deliver a sound experience like few others.


Those walls also play host to private events such as wedding receptions, benefits, corporate workshops, reunions and other celebrations.


Needless to say, we are proud to be a part of Blue Island’s past and look forward to a future certain to be memorable. 


So please enjoy whatever occasion has brought you to The Lyric Theater in historic Blue Island.


We’re thrilled you are here!

Lyric Theater Marquee

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer, wine  and mixed drinks.

Photos and Videos

Still photography is allowed; video policy varies per artist.

The Lyric in Photos


...and Now!

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